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标题: 花园的Skype通道在2013年12月后就不能用了,有办法吗?
作者: xdccvh十月 28, 2013, 05:14:08 am
Skype says my application will stop working with Skype in December 2013, why is that?

We’ve been working hard to develop new technologies and make improvements that will benefit Skype users across all platforms, especially on mobile devices. These changes will significantly improve the call quality and speed of delivery of instant messages, while retaining excellent battery life of mobile devices.

As people are using Skype on more devices, we’re also working hard to create a more familiar and consistent Skype experience across all major platforms.

The Desktop API was created in 2004 and it doesn’t support mobile application development. We have, therefore, decided to retire the Desktop API in December 2013.

If you’d like to provide us with your feedback, simply start Skype and go to Help > Give feedback. Your opinion is important to us and it will help us prioritize potential new features for the Skype users.

Learn more about how this change will affect your Skype certified headset.

Learn more about solutions for Skype’s broadcast partners. (